Pipe Info & Videos

Elwood Brooks pipes are manufactured in the U.S.A.  from aircraft grade aluminum, surgical grade stainless steel, shatter proof polycarbonate, and Viton O-rings making them virtually indestructible and incredibly easy to clean not to mention great to smoke!

To use the pipe load your tobacco in the bowl and light it while drawing the smoke into the polycarbonate tube chamber. Once the chamber is filled to your liking push the mechanical carb button for a smooth rush of cool air!

Cleaning Your Pipe

Cleaning the pipe is simple and can be accomplished in less than three minutes.  To clean an Elwood Brooks pipe remove the polycarbonate tube by pulling it off the body of the pipe.  Unscrew the bowl and pull the mechanical carb straight out of the body.  Drop all the components into our proprietary cleaner called Pure Clean for a couple of minutes.  Remove the components and wipe them clean.  You do not need to remove the o-rings for cleaning simply leave them on the pipe and carb when you drop them in Pure Clean!  Do not leave your pipe in Pure Clean for longer than a few minutes.  Never use a cleaner other than Pure Clean on any of our pipes as this will void the warranty.

Lifetime Warranty

The Sidewinder Pipe, Popoca Pipe and Evolution carry a life time warranty against manufacturer defects.  Customers claiming a warranty issue must return the pipe to us for inspection and warranty work.  We will not issue replacement parts without first inspecting the pipe at our manufacturing facility located in Denver, Colorado.  Issues caused by misuse or abuse are not covered under the manufacturer warranty.  Replacement components can be purchased to get your pipe functioning properly if your issue is not covered under the manufacturer warranty.  The o-rings on the pipe are a normal wear component and are not eligible for warranty claims.  Replacement o-ring packages can be purchased directly from us.

Sidewinder Pipe

The Sidewinder pipe is a huge success offering a smoking experience like no other handheld pipe on the market today!  The image to the left is an exploded view of the Sidewinder’s major components.  The image shows a red body manufactured from aircraft grade aluminum.  The color on the pipe is produced by anodizing the aluminum producing a food grade seal on the aluminum.  The bowl is manufactured from medical grade stainless steel, and the mechanical carb is manufactured from both medical grade stainless and aircraft grade aluminum.  The tube is shatterproof polycarbonate. While our competitors produce their tubes by hand so that no two are alike, each can have a misshaped flare that can cause discomfort. Our tubes are injection molded creating the exact same flare every time providing consistency and comfort.  Many distributors and hundreds of smoke shops have chosen to work with us due to the fact that we offer consistent supply every month without back order issues created by hand flaring tubes.  We’ve accomplished this by eliminating the most time consuming part of manufacturing this style of pipe, the flared tube.  Elwood Brooks is a customer centered company when it comes to supply and service.  We build and deliver with our customers needs in mind!




Evolution Pipe

The Evolution is a front loading pipe with a built in mechanical carb system.  Manufactured from aircraft grade aluminum, medical grade stainless steel, and shatter proof polycarbonate this new offering from Elwood Brooks keeps with our company tradition of providing quality smoking products that offer years of service.  The Evolution pipe is now available in black, green, pink, red, blue, purple, and military green.  Evolution pipes disassemble in 15 seconds and can be cleaned and reassembled within a couple of minutes.  We offer glass bowl inserts, extension tubes, and quartz bowls as accessories to go with this pipe.  In fact, all our accessories are universal and will work with any of the pipes we manufacture.  Our most popular accessories are the glass bowl inserts and the 12″ extension tubes.